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hey i was wondering if you know what kind of camcorder or camera chris uses in the "us against the world (live)" video! i really really reaaallly need to know and if you could find out that would mean SO much to me! thanks in advance :)

Hi, I’m not an expert but it’s probably a 8mm handheld camera. Look at the camera that Coldplay used here, I think I’ve just found pretty much the same one here! Hope that helps. :)

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42/ pictures of Chris Martin

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i dont think its about making a debate about chris' private life as such, it's just that fans are apprehensive because she's always in the media spotlight and it's weird seeing him with someone other than Gwyneth but of course if they are together and are happy that's all that really matters for Coldplayers :) JLaw seems like a really nice girl and down to earth so we can only wish them the best!

Yeah but I always see mean comments from the fans or people in general in social media like “she’s not good for him” which is stupid. It just annoys me that people are constantly judging and making debates about it. Same thing happened with Alexa Chung or Rihanna. And idk but it always bothers me to talk about their private life on my blog. But yeah, Jen seems like a nice and lovely person. :)

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sooo jennifer lawrence was pictured outside chris' house so i guess that confirms that then...

Oh really? I didn’t know, and apparently she was at the Coldplay concert last night. :) Is it really important to know though? I don’t think we should make like long debates about their private life, really. :/

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In case you missed the live concert of Coldplay in LA today, you can hear the performance with the links below, enjoy! xx

- Always In My Head

- Charlie Brown

- Paradise

- Magic

- Clocks

- The Scientist

- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

- Til Kingdom Come

- Ink

- True Love

- Viva La Vida

- Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

- Oceans

- A Sky Full of Stars

- Fix You

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sorry to ask this but do you know how to drag or make a gif on a still image? i made a gif and edited an image and want to put it together but the gif doesnt move when i save it? thanks!

Mmh I’m not sure what you mean exactly, could you come off anon so I can help you privately? I would be more helpful. :)

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Hey, Vik. How's it going, man? I was wondering if you happen to remember when the latest live performances of A Message and Speed Of Sound were done by the boys. :')

I’m doing fine, thanks! :) The latest performance of ‘A Message’ was in 2010, you can watch it here. And Speed of Sound was done acoustically during the Mylo Xylotour, the last one was on December 30, 2012 in NYC here! :)

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I dont understand. What is the ghost stories film? Like is it an actual film or is it just separate music videos or what?

It’s a live concert like the Live 2012 or the Live 2003, it was broadcasted on TV a few months ago in the US, UK, France etc… A DVD/Blu-Ray will be released later. If you want to watch the performance, it’s here or you can download it here. (All in french but the quality is great) :)

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