"Do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you're there?"

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When u saw that Coldplay is preforming on SNL, I jumped with joy because they are finally back!

I know! And all the promotional thing starts next week in France, it’s exciting! :)

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Hi. Do you think that CP will have more gigs than what they added to a calendar today?

If you mean gigs around the album release date, well I think we will just have those 6 intimate shows, maybe a bit more in July and August and then the GS tour will begin imo. :) But to promote the album, they will definitely make more shows like SNL and Jools Holland around the world.

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Vik do you know the meaning of Cemeteries of London? thankss

It has a pretty dark meaning, I think it’s about ghost stories, witches and spirits wandering through the dark streets of London during the Victorian Era. Chris sings about a river (The Thames) which could be described as a cemetery of London because you know, men were drowning witches in the river. Pretty dark isn’t it? Haha I mean, look at the lyrics:

So we rode down to the river
Where Victorian ghosts pray
For their curses to be broken
We go wandering ‘neath the arches
Where the witches are and they say
There are ghost towns in the ocean

It could a metaphor to describe something else though haha.

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How do u even buy tickets it says online there's none available :(

It’s not available right now but it will be! We’re just waiting an email from Coldplay, they will tell you the date/time of the sale so don’t forget to suscribe to the mailing list. :)

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Do u think these shows will be the only shows they'll do for GS? :)

What, not at all haha, it’s not really the GS tour sweetie, it’s just 6 intimate shows, don’t worry, it will start around August I think, with a lot more dates so you will be able to go!! :)

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oh my god, your blog is perfect! it's definitely one of my favourite blogs ever.

Thank you so much!! You’re too kind! :) xx

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Chris having fun on Magic’s video set (x)

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Intimate #GhostStories shows announced for Cologne, NYC, LA, Paris, Tokyo and London. Info http://cldp.ly/GSshows.