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Do you know anything about the secret NYC show?

Not really, just the things I already said, it’s a solo show by Chris in NYC on August 5, for only 200 people and you can win a pair of tickets here, that’s all I know. :) xx

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im a bit confused as to why coldplay is playing the IheartRadio festival. I assumed that the London concerts would be the last until LP7 came out? hmm

They said they will only play 6 intimate gigs. They added more.

They said they will only play 1 gig at the RAH. They added another one.

They said it will be their last show for a while. They’re playing a festival in 2 months and perhaps stadium gigs in Brazil at the end of the year.

They’re so unpredictable haha! But it’s great, hope the ones in Brazil are true and we will have something to wait before LP7. :-)

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im hearing reports coldplay are going to do a stadium show in brazil in december? is it true? so confused as to what coldplay are doing right now, unless they are going to do the MX tour they never go to do?

Apparently the source is here, can’t confirm anything but seeing this tweet of Phil makes me think it’s probably true. Yeah we are all confused right now haha! I think it will be a mix between MX and GS. :)

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Sorry, hi, do you know where I can watch this vid idkijustlovecoldplay. tumblr. com/post/92300855106/foreverlostincoldplay-lifeintechnicoloursii ???

Watch it here! :) xx

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Have you heard Coldplay talking about Russia? Do they hate it as Radiohead? They never come :(

Never really? They don’t hate Russia, it’s the same thing for a lot of countries unfortunately, maybe they think that there aren’t many Coldplay fans in Russia, which would be silly because I’m sure there are a lot! :/

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What are dark dots on Chris neck??? Looks like stubbed cigarettes burns (☉_☉)

Just some bruises I guess, it’s a bit weird… I hope it’s not too bad though.

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When you are saying anon is wrong but everyone put likes - does that mean they agree with you or anon? :D

I guess with me but I’m not entirely sure haha! :’D

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Gig for a closest friends but publicly announced Oo so strange! Is it for radio of smth?

Yeah it’s a bit strange and surprising. I don’t think it’s for radio, it’s just something private, I guess the 198 other people will have special invitations. :)

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I love everything Coldplay are doing,but now sometimes I just wanna say"Come on Chris Avicii?!?please move out from LA, throw away Rihanna records, listen to Neil Young again please" and all that silly things just because I think they have so much more to do in that direction!!!Yeah they are great in electronic vibe but stuff like Politik, GPASUMF changed music history!And GS is just good record but in the same line with contemporary stuff,isn't it? Do you have such thoughts at least sometimes?

Of course I have, especially since Mylo Xyloto. I think they just needed a change after X&Y because they realised that their songs sounded a bit the same, people were maybe tired of hearing ballads all the time so that’s why they changed their direction for Viva with an electronic vibe. And they love that stuff, every band needs to change its sound at some point I think. But yeah I can understand all the negative comments about that, I’m also not too fond of collaborations with pop stars but it’s just the way they are now but generally, I think they’re doing great in that direction. :)

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(LET'S TAAAAALK) Sorry Anyways, am I the only person who thinks that Fix You is more of a Parachutes song?

Mmh I don’t really have this feeling, Parachutes sounds very raw and it’s more stripped-down than Fix You. But maybe you can tell me why you think that? :)

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