“Fly on, ride through Maybe one day I'll fly next to you”

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Hi there, can you help me to find a large pic of chris during viva gig in japan under a red umbrella? Please please! I hope you have it but thank you anyway! Thank you for being so nice to everyone!

I couldn’t find one in high quality from this gig but you can find several pictures of Chris with the umbrella here, here or here. :) Aw you’re sweet!!

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buson94 replied to your post: Anonyme a dit:What is LRLR then??…

I thought LRLRL is a free live album? It’s a song as well? :S


coldplaymylife11 replied to your post: Anonyme a dit:What is LRLR then??…

What???? Nooooo it’s a live album recorded by coldplay.. for a bunch of weeks it was downloadable from coldplay.com!!

LRLRL was a song then it became the title for the 2009 live album. It was originally on the first tracklist for Viva:

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What is LRLR then?? I thought it is a song sung by will but I can't find it((((

LeftRightLeftRightLeft? It’s a song that didn’t make it onto the album so it has never been released. I guess we will never hear it. :/

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Which sing was sung by Will during the viva era?
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Happy birthday ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’! (Released on August 26, 2002)

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Coldplay - Charlie Brown - live Stade de France, Paris - 2012

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Top 3 songs off of each Coldplay album, go!

This is gonna be hard haha! :)

Parachutes: Don’t Panic / Yellow / We Never Change

AROBTTH: Politik / In My Place / The Scientist

X&Y: Fix You / A Message / Swallowed In the Sea

Viva: Violet Hill / Strawberry Swing / Death And All His Friends

Mylo Xyloto: Charlie Brown / ETIAW / Up With the Birds

Ghost Stories: Always In My Head / ASFoS / O

(in no particular order)

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What interview(s) did Chris talk about LP7?

On this interview and also that one if I remember correctly. :)

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Coldplay - We Never Change (Live at Ancienne Belgique, 2000) [x]

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