“Fly on, ride through Maybe one day I'll fly next to you”

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→ 42/50 Favourite photos of Coldplay

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Furthermore, while watching Magic official video and claiming “Bring me EVERYONE” (from Coldplay) wild Chris appears in your mug during all the video! You can also buy limited deluxe signed by Chris edition of the mug with running Jonnyboy after the shouting “Sheep, sir!” (sorry/not sorry for what I’ve just written. Your wild Chris mug is so inspirational lol)

Hahaha! I’m laughing way too hard at this, it would definitely be something to buy for each one of us seriously! :’D

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I was browsing around in their store and lol "coldplay magic mug" as if the mug contains special powers that makes it magical xD

Oh you don’t know? When you buy a Coldplay magic mug, a wild Chris appears while you drink your coffee, it’s magic!

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And if you were to ask me. After all that we’ve been through. Still believe in magic. Oh yes I do.
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Coldplay - Oceans (Live @ 50th MAX Sessions 2014)

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coldplayt replied to your post: Anonyme a dit:HE MENTIONED HUNGER…

what is the anon talking about? :o

I’m not sure but it was maybe the interview from last night on radio. :)

perfectpotts replied to your post: Anonyme a dit:HE MENTIONED HUNGER…

Why oh no?

Because Hunger Games = Jennifer Lawrence but I don’t think the press will play with that, well who knows.

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Chris Martin - Interview at Saturday Night Online (August 30, 2014)

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HE MENTIONED HUNGER GAMES IN INTERVIEW OH NO I just feel how press sharpens knifes

Oh really? Yeah I can definitely imagine that, hope it doesn’t happen. :/

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